20 novembro 2011


 I look at her, and see that little smile of hers trying to drive me crazy. Unfortunately, I gotta admit, she's doing it. She's cruel, mean, insensitive and ironical, but I can't help but want her. And I do. I want her so badly that my body hurts. Her skin, her lips, her hair, her touch. I want everything of her, and don't even feel guilty for that. And even though I've been trying to deny it for years now, I just acepted that this is what it is. I kinda of love that one girl who hates me. So, yeah, I'm aware that it's not reciprocal, since she keeps trying to make me fail everything whenever I'm around her, but I'm pretty sure she feels something. And I'm at a point where anything she feels is useful. I can turn anything into something bigger, intense and real. I will, eventually, drive her insane, just like she does to me. My skin, my touch, my lips on hers. My everything on her. And even if she is yelling and turning red for being so cross at me for no reason at all, while she keeps giving me that smirk, I'm fine. I'll find a way to make us more than just teasing. And when I get there, there'll be no more fighting. Just loving.

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